• December 19, 2018

Irresistible concept to revolutionize NYC real estate

A leading-edge model

The first and best of its kind, the trend-setting The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights will, in fact, do more than launch a trend: it will become the way of the future, the new baby-boomer residential standard.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind urban resort for active people,” says Andres Escobar, founding partner and design principal at Lemay + Escobar, the brains behind the concept.

“Today’s retirees have traveled the world, they’ve owned beautiful homes. They’re used to the amenities you would find in a mansion, or a well-appointed hotel.”

“We offer them that and more.”

He’s referring to an art studio with programming; an art gallery café; numerous, varied dining options; plush beauty salons; indoor and outdoor rooftop lounges overlooking Manhattan; a wellness clinic, chic Parisian café, fitness center and pool; a massage studio, cozy family living room and library; a performance and university learning theater, and other activity spaces; a movie theater, private wine cellar and more. The spaces breathe luxury and comfort, and respond to every possible need.

At home in an urban resort

“Just like a five-star hotel,” says Andres, “there is a beautiful lobby and living room space, Parisian café, everything they are used to having, as an extension of their apartments.”

The project’s stylish Brooklyn Heights location couldn’t be more central, with breathtaking views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan skyline.

The 16-story 1920s building itself is magnificent, Italianate, originally a high-end hotel. Over 310,000 sq. ft. will house 295 residential units, ranging from studio and 1–5 bedrooms to penthouse, and 50,000 sq. ft. of amenities.

Sending shockwaves through the real estate market

Evolving demographics, and recent changes to NYC and NJ building codes, now allow for the proliferation of this type of project, for which there is expected to be unbridled demand. Boomers are the most diverse, most active and most physically fit generation up to the era in which they arrived and, as Andres notes, they are nothing like the “seniors” of previous generations.

“It’s an incredibly diverse cohort and some are stylish, some are jet-setting, with a fantastic assortment of styles, preferences, hobbies and abilities,” says Andres.

“But the spaces at The Watermark speak to everyone,” he says. “They’re classic, timeless, livable.”

Underscoring the building’s historic character, and ensuring continuity throughout the building, common design elements include abundant marble, tufted leather, coffered ceilings and harmonious color schemes. While forms and tones are generally classical, modern touches like Foucault’s Orb Chandeliers and funky sofa cushions make the occasional, whimsical appearance – creating an atmosphere that’s anything but stuffy.

A specialized, distinctive product

No other design firm has achieved this level of complexity in the sector. The Watermark draws on Lemay + Escobar’s abundant hospitality, high-end rental and condominium expertise and experience.

Naturally, the project incorporates universal accessibility and adaptations to fully accommodate the needs and comfortable mobility of all residents. But these elements are seamlessly integrated into the design environment.

For residents with cognitive loss, there are two floors called Memory Care. They offer a cozy setting with the same five-star décor and amenities, and highly trained personnel. A fully-equipped “Country Kitchen” enables shared food preparation and meals. Residents can even tend plants inside a greenhouse: one of many touches that feel like home.

The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights is the first and most exclusive example of a trend in urban, high-end retirement communities. Lemay + Escobar is uniquely positioned to deliver a signature product with in-depth understanding of this booming yet discerning market.

For more information, see project description.